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Unlocking for Sprint iPhones that’s Fraud, Reported Lost or Stolen


Unlocking for Sprint iPhones that’s Fraud, Reported Lost or Stolen

Thousands of devices are lost or stolen each year in the United States. This status is also quite common. It shows the following result on Sprint database:

IMEI: 3591270776xxxxx


Manufacturer: APPLE, INC



There are also fraud status which usually means people are using some other people’s information or credit card etc. to purchase the phone. If marked lost or stolen, the iPhone is normally marked as blacklisted on all US network or carriers.

It can still be unlocked but only for use outside of USA. This is the premium service you need to unlock it. Any unlock for Sprint that’s lost, stolen or blacklisted is called premium service.

Those are the 4 types of unlocking services available for Sprint iPhones. Besides unlocking, you can also consider to unbar your Sprint iPhone.

Unlocking for Sprint iPhones with Unpaid Bills

Unlocking for Sprint iPhones with Unpaid BillsThis is probably the most common status for Sprint iPhones. Sprint customers didn’t pay the bills after signing up for Sprint’s mobile plans.IMEI: 3533120740xxxxxModel: IPHONE 6S SILV 128GB SGLModel Number: IPH6S128GSV1Manufacturer: APPLE, INCBLACKLIST STATUS: UNPAID BILLSSPCS: YESUnpaid bills Sprint iPhones can be unlocked relatively easy except the price is [...]

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Unlocking for Sprint iPhones with Active Line

Unlocking for Sprint iPhones with Active LineActive Line means the device is active on another customer’s account. This is not very common but it’s still possible to unlock it without any issue.The check on Sprint database will show the following:IMEI: 3533360738xxxxxModel: IP 6SP GRAY 16 BST SVCSTKModel Number: IP6SPBT16GY1Manufacturer: APPLE, INCBLACKLIST STATUS: ACTIVE LINESPCS: NOThe [...]

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Unlocking for Sprint iPhones with Clean Status

Here are the 4 types of unlocking available for Sprint iPhones:1. Unlocking for Sprint iPhones with Clean StatusThis is the simplest and cheapest available option to unlock your Sprint iPhone. Clean status means the iPhone has clean record or in other words clean ESN. It also means the iPhone has good standing on the Sprint [...]

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How to unlock LG MS323 by metroPcs

LG Unlock Code Format:If you receive your codes in this format:NCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NSCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SPCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCPCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SIMCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYou will only need to use 1 of the 5 codes generated. The code you must use will be determined by the unlock code prompt your device is displaying. The most commonly required code is the NCK, NSCK, and SPCK codes. Proceed [...]

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We do not recognize the IMEI number you entered. Please try again or contact Customer Care at 1-877-453-1304

What does this mean?This usually shows when the card is not yet activated.Please activate the card first and then check.you can get your unlock cleaning service here

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Pay Swiftunlock In Bitcoin

Buy with Coinbase document.currentScript.src =''; (function() { function asyncLoad() { var s = document.createElement('script'); [...]

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How to Get Bitcoin for Free

What do I have to do?In order to pay you, you will need to create a coinbase account , if you do not have one, we strongly recommend coinbase:How do I earn the free bitcoin?Once you've created your coinbase wallet with $100, and you will get $10 worth of bitcon from coinbase

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What happens after I get my PUK code?

Never attempt to unlock your free government cell phone by guessing your PUK code. Why not? Because if you enter the wrong PUK ten times, your SIM card will go into a permanent lock down state. (See April’s comment at the top of this article.)That leads to a whole new series of problems. You’ll have [...]

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Bad luck with your PUK?

You probably created a PIN number on your SIM card as an extra level of security. Your PIN is the number you need to type in each time you turn on your phone. Your PUK code is like a fingerprint — it is unique to your SIM card. It keeps strangers from being able to [...]

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